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Archaeological Museum of Nikopolis


The building of the Archaeological Museum of Nikopolis total area of ​​2,150 square meters, built on a plot of about 20 acres, located at the entrance of the city Preveza. It includes two main exhibition area spaces 200sqm each, multipurpose room, administrative areas, maintenance workshops, warehouses, public service areas (ticket office, shop, cafeteria) and hostel.

In this area are ​​organized educational programs.


The museum exhibition relates solely to the findings of the archaeological site of Nikopolis and not the collection of a large area, which largely determines the main idea of ​​the exhibition. Therefore, one of the primary factors are the connection of the Exhibition and the Museum with the archaeological site of Nikopolis.

The image of the space necessary to constantly in the mind of the visitor, and thereby achieve a better understanding of the report, whether the visit to the archaeological site precedes or follows. The Museum’s connection to the site and monuments within the reception area of ​​the museum and in parts of the report with audiovisual material.