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The location of the rooms offer access to a variety of destinations, at very short distances. Enjoy beautiful beaches, visit scenic locations and extremely important archaeological Sites.


Preveza belongs in Epirus and is located in northwestern Greece. Preveza is famous for the endless and spotless beaches.

Acheronta's Necromancy

Necromancy Acheron

On a hill (15 km distance) from Santa Maria, is located the necromancy, along the river bank. Here the ancients placed the gates of the Underworld. On these portals, souls went to go to Hades. Here the ancient visitors coming to communicate with the souls of their loved ones. Homer in the Odyssey describes the descent of Odysseus to get the oracle Tiresias Mantis on his return to Ithaca. Here came Hercules, Theseus, Orpheus, Periander and many others to get oracles.


Zalogo is one of the historic mountain of Greece. Located north of Preveza, above the village of Kamarina, and belongs to the mountain range of Kasopaion mountains of Epirus. His name was associated with the pre-revolutionary period of 1821 and in particular with the legendary dance of zalongo.


Souli is a historical and geographical region of central Epirus, who constitute a set of villages known as Souliotochoria
Characteristic of Souli was blind discipline to the leaders, especially during wartime. Considered freedom more precious commodity and from their own lives. They had strict morals and respected women. Honoring those who exhibited heroism in battle and browbeat them cowards. Distinguished for compliance with their agreements. Force the retaliation ( “Feud”) and was indeed inviolable law. Their main attributes was even the patriotism, the afilochrimatia and the magnanimity to the defeated. ‘Leaves bunch, wore traditional foustanela and official organ was the tampouras.


Parga is situated in a small bay with traditional settlement built amphitheatrically. It is built on the outskirts of a Venetian castle and is clearly influenced by the Ionian architecture.

The strong castle of Parga which survives until today, was constructed in the effort of Parga residents to face the Raiders. Castle of Parga can be reached through narrow streets and steps from the port of Parga.


Ancient city of Epirus in the Preveza peninsula neck. Founded by the Roman emperor Augustus after his victory over Mark Antony in the Battle of Aktaion (31 BC). So.. named “Nikopoli” (= city of Victory).

Acheronta's Necromancy

Unique natural beauty will come across the river Acheron, which can be definitely classified one of the most beautiful parts of Greece.

Crosses the prefectures of Ioannina, Thesprotia and Preveza and empties into the Ionian Sea along a magnificent route.

According to mythology, the Acheron River is the river that, where the crossing of which did “psychopompos” Mercury delivering the souls of the dead to Charon to reach the kingdom of Hades.

The wild beauty, colors, springs, canyon and history, are an ideal combination that makes the attraction area for visitors, nature lovers or adventure seekers.

Particularly popular are the “Sources Acheron” located within 30 minutes from Santa Maria is literally a poem of nature, which is worth visiting and discovering.

Paxi - Antipaxi

From the port of Lygia Preveza are organized daily cruises to Paxi – Antipaxi. A special place to see.

Ancient Κassiopi

Near to Santa Maria, at a distance of 30 minutes, is the ancient city Kassopi. Built in the 4th century BC on the slopes of Zalogo in a location with panoramic views, where residents could comfortably control the surrounding area and can easily defend themselves. Kassopi is today an archaeological site where visitors can see many interesting monuments which dominate the plateau. These are the walls, the North Gallery, West Gallery, the Prytaneion, the Odeon Theater, the Altar of Aphrodite (goddess of love and beauty), the Altar of Apollo, as well as the Temple of Venus.


The Zagoroxoria form is a cluster 46 mountain villages in the range Zagorian the continent, hence the name. These span a 90 km range. From west to east and a width of about 40 km. North pre South and allocated to three regions in Central Zagori, East or West and Vlachozagora, called and held thereagainst. Their inhabitants are called Zagori or Zagora.
Zagoria today constitute the homonymous municipality, Municipality Zagoria, Ioannina prefecture where they belong.