for Santa Μaria

What our visitors said

For us, the most important is that everyone who visits the rooms Santa Maria to stay happy in terms of accommodation and hospitality. Write your own review to become better.

Excellent Price

We stayed for 2 nights in Santa Maria. We were impressed by the hospitality and the very low prices of the rooms.

Michael Ν. - Athens


What else can you ask from a nice room with a perfect view of the sea!

Mary Ζ. - Athens

The Best Choice in Lygia

Very close to capital of Epirus Ioannina, The rooms have an excellent view.

Nick Κ. - Ioannina

I will come back for Sure!

A perfect room with a perfect view

Anglelina Χ. - Thessaloniki

Ideal for families

I was impressed by the room.

Apostolos Β. - Ioannina

Simply the Best

We decided with my wife to spend a quiet weekend and we made the best choice. All perfect and affordable!

John Μ. - Larisa